Prof. Yfrah Neaman - United Kingdom:
”It is a big pleasure for me to listen to and work with such a young talent!
Marina plays extraordinary warmly, very cleanly and sincerely, with a brilliant sound, wonderful vibrato and great freedom!
Bravo, Marina!”

Prof. Taras Gabora - Canada:
                         “Marina Dimitrova is extremely well trained violinist, demonstrating the greatest technical demands of the instrument with command and assurance. She possesses a special rare gift, that of the power to convincingly communicate her musical thoughts and feelings with the audience with her brilliant musicality and feeling for various styles. In my opinion she is an outstanding violinist and chamber musician who shows promise for an important international career.”

Prof. Dr. Noel Tredinnick - United Kingdom: 
                         “Marina Dimitrova is a brilliant violinist and an experienced performer – this is as a solo violinist, chamber musician and orchestra player. She has a notable tone and control in all aspects, her posture is impressive and engaging, her playing is both passionate on occasions yet very sensitive on others.” 

Prof. Stefan Popov - United Kingdom: 
                         “I have known Marina Dimitrova for several years, withnessing some of her excellent performances. She is a very talented young violinist with excellent musical and performing abilities. Marina has very secure intonation and good musical temperament.”

Richard Blayden – London Symphony Orchestra
                   “Marina was extremely well prepared in a piece where there is plenty to catch you out and picked up quickly on Sir Colin Davis ideas. Her playing was beautiful and also at exactly the right dynamic level. I can not recall having had no criticism of a student`s playing under these circumsrances. I àm sure we will see more of Marina in the future. Well done!”

Prof. Dimitar Tapkov - Bulgaria:
                       “This young violinist is unquestionable a big talent with great future.”

Prof. Yosif Radionov - Bulgaria:
                       “Marina Dimitrova is now amongst the best violinists in her generation in Bulgaria. Marina is a master of the warm sound and the flexible phrase. I believe in the successful musical future of this talented girl.”

Prof. Angel Stankov - Bulgaria:
                        “I have known Miss Marina Dimitrova for a long time. She is one of the most talented violinists of her generation in Bulgaria. She is a diligent student and hard worker and now she is studying with Prof. Smietana at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, which is not easy for somebody from Eastern Europe.”

Rayna Kabaivanska - Italia:
                       ”When I heard the Bulgarian violinist Marina Dimitrova for the first time, I was impressed by her great talent, superb technique and musical taste.
Her performance on the concert of the prize winners of the Foundation "Rayna Kabaivanska"
obsessed the public immediately with the firmness of her acting and the fascinating
emotionality of her playing.
I am sure in her brilliant future as a musician!”

Hristo Drumev – General Director of the National Palace of Culture – Sofia /Bulgaria/:
                        “Enjoying Marina’s brilliant violin playing I would strongly wish her a prosperious career.”

Ìaria Bernasconi
                     “Marina Dimitrova is one of the most talented young Bulgarian violinists. She is expected a great future as a musician. I wish her sincerely good health, big success and many performances. She is a girl which combines perfectly a gift, inner and external beauty. There is no point of discussing the above comments. Good luck, Miss Dimitrova!”

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